Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Dermal Fillers

When you think about dermal fillers, you probably first think of a way to reduce the signs of aging. And fillers are certainly effective there, smoothing furrows in your face and replenishing volume where you lose it through the years. 

But that’s not the only way you can use fillers to improve your appearance. Elaine Phuah, DO, MBA, FACOI, can also use them to enhance your natural beauty from the convenience of Hanami Medspa in Fort Worth, Texas.

How can fillers help you look your best? Here’s a quick guide to some of your options with these versatile injectables.

Fillers to create contour

Because dermal fillers are specifically designed to add volume, they’re a great way to give yourself a little extra oomph where you need it. If, for example, you’ve always wanted more visible cheekbones, fillers can help you achieve that cosmetic goal

As facial contouring has become increasingly popular in recent years, many women report that they want a more sculpted appearance. Fillers can help you get more contour on your face in a way that emphasizes the natural beauty that’s already there. 

Fillers to plump lips

The lips are one of the most popular treatment areas for fillers. It’s no surprise, really, since thinning lips are a natural part of aging that can leave you looking sterner and older. 

With dermal fillers injected by Dr. Phuah and all of her expertise, you can get plumper lips that look natural rather than overfilled. We work with the natural beauty your mouth already has, highlighting what’s there rather than leaving you looking plastic. 

Fillers to smooth recessed scars

If you have a pitted scar that you think detracts from your appearance, talk to our team about it. In some cases, we can use dermal fillers to add volume in the scar, leveling out the surface of your skin in that area. That way, your natural beauty can shine through with fewer distractions. 

What to expect with fillers

No matter how you want to use dermal fillers, make sure you get them from an experienced specialist like Dr. Phuah. That’s the key to getting results that look natural. 

When you get fillers at Hanami Medspa, the process starts with a conversation with Dr. Phuah to ensure she understands your cosmetic goals. Once you two agree on the right treatments and locations for you, getting the fillers themselves takes just minutes. And you can be on your merry way after your appointment, heading back to your day with no downtime. 

If you’d like to learn more about how fillers can highlight your natural beauty, don’t hesitate to call Hanami Medspa or make an appointment with Dr. Phuah online today.

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