Melanie Swink

Medical Aesthetician

"I started working in the medical field as a medical assistant 15 years ago.
I have always had compassion for people from all walks of life. Helping patients achieve healthy beautiful skin is my passion. As a child, my grandmother ignited that passion by teaching me the importance of taking care of your skin.

When I started working in dermatology, I found that I love the science of skin health and learned about the many conditions that can transpire through the skin, which is the largest organ of the human body. I was honored be able to help patients that were struggling with various skin conditions and gained invaluable hands on experience with treating skin conditions. This has been my passion for over 12 years.
As I grew in my career, I became interested in Medical Aesthetics and decided to further my training and experience by going to school to become an aesthetician. I was trained on cosmetic procedures and products in the Dermatology field before becoming a licensed aesthetician. However, becoming an Aesthetician helped to round out my education.

I began to dig deeper into the aging process with different skin types. Being born and raised in Texas, I learned that the sun plays a major role in aging, although there are many other causes of aging skin, the sun is something we cannot always avoid. I enjoy educating patients about what the root causes of accelerated aging are and what they can do to repair and reverse the damage.
I have been so fortunate to work alongside some great physicians that have given me hands on experience with micro-needling, laser treatments, chemical peels and much more.

The cosmetic industry is always evolving with new science, products, and devices. It gets confusing for a patient to know what is best for them. As we age our skin changes. Things that may have been great in our twenties are not effective as we get older. I have made it a goal to continue to stay up to date and educated about the latest science, skin care products and cosmetic procedures. I feel that educating Patients about skin health empowers them to live their best life.

It is my honor to help my patients to feel as beautiful on the outside as they are in the inside. I specialize in creating a treatment plan and product regimen that is specific for their individual needs.
Helping my patients see transformational results makes my heart happy and is a source of joy.

I am dedicated to being up to date on innovations in product development, how the product is made and how it absorbs in the skin as well researching what clinical studies have been done to prove effectiveness. I am on a journey of learning about safe and effective botanical products.

Currently I am continuing my education by taking a paramedical training to aide in correcting pigmentation disorders.
I look forward to helping you to love the skin that you’re in!"


Alecsandra Pacheco

My love for permanent makeup began over three years ago when I worked as an assistant for a well known artist in the Dallas area. I gained a full year of knowledge and shadowing before ever touching a needle. When I finally began my practice on models I enjoyed the satisfaction of my clients smile afterwards the most. That’s why I dedicate my work to making the client happy, not following trends or forcing something they may not love in the long run.

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