Eyebrow Waxing Versus Lamination: How Are They Different?

Eyebrow Waxing Versus Lamination: How Are They Different?

Eyebrow trends change just as much as Halloween costume trends. Not so very long ago, ultra-thin brows were all the rage. Now, though, people covet fluffy, natural-looking brows — so much so that people are even getting eyebrow transplants. 

And with Halloween season in full swing, a full, defined brow feels just right. You can make your brows the centerpiece of your costume, giving you the look you want this spooky season.

That, of course, means giving your brows some attention. To help you reach your eyebrow goals, Elaine Phuah, DO, MBA, FACOI, and our Hanami Medspa offer brow lamination at our medspa in Fort Worth, Texas. This Halloween season and beyond, you can rely on our eyebrow expertise to help you look and feel your best. 

Why have we chosen to offer brow lamination rather than eyebrow waxing? To help clarify, let’s take a look at both.

Eyebrow waxing focuses on removing unwanted hair

Waxing your eyebrows is just like waxing any other part of your body. By applying warm wax to unwanted hairs and letting it cool, you have an effective way to pluck those hairs from their follicle. 

When thin brows were all the rage, this was a huge help. Most of us were trying to get rid of a lot of eyebrow hair, and tweezing it at home felt tedious. Plus, a good eyebrow waxing technician can use this process to shape your brows. 

The difference between lamination and waxing is that it doesn’t do anything for the remaining eyebrow hairs. You’ll still need to shape and set them daily. 

Precisely for that reason, we’ve chosen to offer brow lamination.

Eyebrow lamination means no-maintenance brows

While eyebrow waxing absolutely gives you an effective way to remove unwanted brow hair, that might not be something you want. With thick, fluffy brows trending, you likely want your brows to look fuller, not thinner. 

Enter: brow lamination. During this process, we use the Elleeplex Profusion specialized setting solution to lift and set your brows. 

First, we brush out your brows and apply the lifting solution to them. Once we get them into their ideal position, we put a piece of cling film over them to encourage the solution to saturate into each brow hair. 

This straightens the hair and laminates it to your eyebrow. The result is fuller, more manageable brows. In fact, you don’t need to do anything to them. You’ll get 6-8 weeks of beautiful brows that are easy to maintain with just a little brushing on occasion. 

Whether perfect eyebrows play a key role in your upcoming Halloween costume or you just want to take this daily to-do off your list, brow lamination delivers. To get your dream eyebrows, talk with our team. 

We’re ready to show you your best brows. Call Hanami Medspa or make a brow lamination appointment online today.

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