How Dermal Fillers Can Restore Lost Volume to Your Face

With the holiday season in full swing, you’re probably seeing more of your loved ones. Whether that’s in person or you’re holding holiday events virtually this year, you want to look your best for the people who matter most to you. And volume loss can get in the way of that. 

Over the years, it’s common to lose volume in the lower portion of your face. Cheeks hollow. Jowls sag. Lips thin. Ultimately, volume loss can make you look much older than you feel. 

That’s why Elaine Phuah, DO, MBA, FACOI, offers dermal fillers to our patients at Hanami Medspa in Fort Worth, Texas. With these convenient, minimally invasive cosmetic injectables, she can replenish volume where you need it most, helping you look your best this holiday season and beyond.

Are dermal fillers right for you? Learn more about them here. 

Dermal fillers to fight aging

When you think of cosmetic injectables to turn back the clock, you probably think of Botox®. But Botox is only designed to treat dynamic wrinkles like crow’s feet and frown lines. It doesn’t do anything for volume loss. 

That’s where dermal fillers come in. With these increasingly popular injectables (more than 2.7 million Americans chose them in 2019), Dr. Phuah can replenish volume wherever you need it. She can use these treatments to restore the plumpness in your cheeks, smooth deep nasolabial folds, replenish thinning lips, and more. 

In short, if you’ve noticed signs of aging on the lower half of your face, dermal fillers are an excellent way to reverse those changes. Talk to Dr. Phuah about your cosmetic goals. She can personalize a dermal filler treatment program for you. 

Your dermal filler options

To give you the best results, Dr. Phuah offers multiple different types of dermal fillers. 

She offers several hyaluronic acid-based options at our office. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in your body. It’s a safe and proven way to replenish lost facial volume. At Hanami Medspa, we offer the leading brands of hyaluronic fillers, including:

In addition, Dr. Phuah offers Radiesse®. This filler features calcium hydroxylapatite. Radiesse immediately replenishes volume like the hyaluronic acid fillers, but the calcium hydroxylapatite also encourages your body to produce collagen. This is the protein that keeps your skin plump. Because it supports your skin’s natural volume production, it’s a long-lasting way to combat the signs of aging.  

Getting your dermal filler injection takes just minutes and comes with no downtime. The results can last a year or more. 

Don’t let volume loss stand in the way of you looking and feeling your best this holiday season. Call Hanami Medspa or make an appointment online today to get started with dermal fillers. 

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