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Lash Lift

The treatment Lash Lift has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years but there still seems to be some confusion surrounding just what the treatment consists of and how it sets itself apart from the lash perm that has been around for years.


Lash Perms consists of harsh chemicals, a cylinder rod and applying/saturating the solution from the base of the lash to the tips of the lash, saturating the lashes and sometimes causing irritation to the eyes and damage to the natural lash. When using a rod you also risk over curling the lashes into the eyelid.


Lash Lifts use a curved rod causing the lashes to lift at the base giving the illusion that your lashes are longer thus lifting them rather than actually curling, making your lashes appear longer.


A few of the most asked question about lash lifts…


“How long does a lash lift last? And “How often do I need to come back?”

Lash lifts can vary and can last anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle, but it’s recommended to come back every 8 weeks to maintain the perfect lift. You can also have your lashes tinted during your treatment to give a more dramatic effect. Lash tinting lasts about 4-6 weeks.


“How should I prepare for a lash lift and what’s the maintenance after my treatment?”

So, whenever you come in we ask you to come in with clean eyes and no makeup! Its best for your eyes to be free of oil, makeup and residue so you can get the BEST results from your treatment.


“How long does the treatment take? Does it hurt?”

The treatment takes about 45 mins give or take. Most people would say the process is relaxing, Majority of my clients fall asleep during the treatment.


“What is the process like, how does the treatment work?”

The first step is prepping the lashes with a protein remover pad, this will remove all residual natural oils from your lashes and prep the lashes for the lifting solution. Next a small silicone rod is applied to your eyelid and your lashes are gently brushed onto the rod. After the lashes are on the rod and separated, 2 different solutions are applied. The first solution applied is the lifting solution that will remain on your lashes anywhere from5-10mins, the second solution applied is the setting lotion which will stay on your lashes for up to 5 mins.


“Can I still wear mascara after my treatment?”

This all depends on preference. If You want a more dramatic effect you may apply mascara and if you’re going for a more natural look, no mascara is great too! We just ask that you stay away from waterproof mascara as this might disturb the lift of your lashes.

Elaine Phuah, DO, MBA, FACOI

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