Revitalize Your Skin This Summer With Dermaplaning

The summer is a challenging time for your skin. The combination of sweat, sun exposure, and dust is a sure recipe for breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and a dull complexion. You’re also limited when it comes to cosmetic procedures that fight UV damage and decongest the skin.

So what can you do this summer to maintain a clear complexion? Dermaplaning is an excellent alternative to chemical peels in the summer. This procedure doesn’t sensitize your skin to the sun, and it doesn’t involve any peeling, pain, or downtime.

At Hanami Medspa, we perform dermaplaning using a medical-grade scalpel to remove the upper layer of the skin, tiny hairs, dead skin cells, and debris. Exfoliating your skin naturally, dermaplaning uses no chemicals and has zero risk for allergies. It can truly revitalize your skin during the summer. Combine dermaplaning with a facial for a luxurious experience.

Unclog pores and prevent acne 

Clogged pores are a big concern during the summer due to sweat. But another factor that may increase your chances of a breakout is failing to adapt your skin care routine to hot weather.

During the summer, your skin’s needs are different. You need a lighter moisturizer and sunscreen that doesn’t contain any comedogenic ingredients that clog pores.

Dermaplaning exfoliates your skin and eliminates the possibility of oils and dirt clinging to your dead skin cells and to your vellus hair, or peach fuzz.

Smooth out your skin and reduce hyperpigmentation

During a dermaplaning session, our esthetician removes the upper layer of your skin, revealing a healthier, shinier, and less damaged skin layer. By uncovering fresher cells, your skin looks smoother.

Hyperpigmentation — darker patches on your skin — is common and usually harmless. But you may not like the way it looks. If your hyperpigmentation isn’t severe, it may disappear completely with the removal of dead skin cells during dermaplaning.

Increase absorption of skin care products

A gentle exfoliation session with dermaplaning increases the rate at which your skin absorbs your favorite skin care products in two ways: It increases blood flow and it removes vellus hair. 

With dermaplaning, you can be sure that the moisturizers and products you’ve spent your money on get thoroughly absorbed into your skin, enabling you to reap all of their benefits. The removal of peach fuzz can also help with makeup application because foundation sits better on your skin when no hairs get in the way.

Why dermaplaning should only be done in a professional setting

You can find razors that exfoliate your skin in stores, but these aren’t as effective at removing dead skin cells and debris as the surgical blades professionals use. 

Also, not everyone is a good fit for dermaplaning. If you take certain medications or use prescription-strength Retinol, you may have to interrupt your treatment for 5-7 days before having the procedure done. 

To find out whether dermaplaning is right for you and get expert advice regarding your skin, contact Hanami Medspa and Dr. Elaine Phuah with your questions and concerns. You can use our online request form to schedule a consultation.

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