Why Starting Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments Early Can Delay Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

You know it’s true of your home. A little bit of work here and there through the weeks and years prevents you from a major headache down the road. Keeping your gutters cleaned might seem like a little hassle now, for example, but if it prevents a roof leak, it’s well worth the effort.

Similarly, you can perform what’s essentially preventive maintenance for your face. Choosing non-surgical treatments now helps your skin stay as healthy and young-looking as possible. This keeps you looking rejuvenated through the years, which can, in turn, help you delay the need for major cosmetic surgery — and the high cost and lengthy downtime that come with it. 

At Hanami Medspa, Elaine Phuah, DO, MBA, FACOI, and our team of aesthetic experts can help you determine which non-surgical treatments are right for you now. We aim to not just help you look your best today, but also to keep your skin as healthy as possible so you can look radiant through the years. Dr. Phuah offers skincare consultations to help you put together the right treatment regimen to help you maintain your best skin

Maintaining your youthfulness without any incisions

Let’s go back to the house example for a moment. You can perform certain maintenance tasks — like flushing your water heater — periodically. Or you can skip them and wait until you have a major issue — like a leaking water heater — on your hands. Performing routine maintenance to-dos on a regular basis helps you avoid an issue that’s expensive and invasive to fix.

Your skin is no different. You can ignore aging as it takes its toll, but as you do, you’re allowing your collagen levels to deplete, dark spots to become more pronounced, wrinkles to deepen, and more. To reverse all of these issues, you’ll likely need invasive, expensive cosmetic surgery.

Alternatively, you can take small steps over time to protect your skin. With regular non-surgical aesthetic treatments with Dr. Phuah, you can give your collagen levels a boost, clear imperfections from your skin as they start to form, smooth wrinkles, and restore your facial contours. You get the results of a facelift — a youthful, radiant face — without surgery. 

As one Vogue writer put it, you can use “many different nonsurgical procedures — from… radiofrequency... to fillers and prescription topicals — in conjunction with one another over time. This multipronged approach is gradual, gentle, tailored to each patient, and requires little if any downtime.” 

Finding the right non-surgical aesthetic treatments for you

What preventive maintenance should you be doing for your skin? It depends on your unique complexion. That’s why Dr. Phuah offers skin consultations. Schedule one with her and she can personalize a treatment regimen that helps you maintain your skin’s health and beauty through the years. 

To delay your need for cosmetic surgery, call Hanami Medspa or make an appointment with our team online today. We look forward to helping you choose the right non-surgical aesthetic treatments to help you look your best through the years.

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