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As you age, your body produces less collagen — an essential component of firm, supple skin. While you can’t stop time from marching forward, you can get noninvasive skin-tightening treatments at Hanami Medspa in Fort Worth, Texas. The medical aesthetics team offers easy skin-tightening treatments with Tripollar RF technology by Lumenis. You can tighten skin on your face, neck, and other areas of your body. Schedule a consultation online or call the office to book an appointment.

Skin Tightening

How does the Tripollar RF skin-tightening system work?

The Lumenis Tripollar RF skin-tightening system uses a unique combination of multipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy and pulsed electromagnetic fields to tighten skin on your face and body. RF energy is the leading technology for skin tightening and it’s painless.

The thermal energy from the Tripollar applicator safely heats the tissue beneath the surface of your skin to a predictable temperature. Once the tissue reaches this temperature, it triggers your body’s natural response to produce new collagen and elastin — the support structure for healthy, firmer skin. As you get older, your body produces less collagen and elastin on its own, but Tripollar skin-tightening treatments help to rejuvenate sagging tissue from within.


What are the benefits of skin-tightening treatments?

Skin-tightening treatments offer many benefits for skin laxity (looseness) and wrinkles that appear with age. These benefits include:

  • Tighter, firmer appearance of facial and body skin
  • Softer appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Reduced volume and circumference of problem areas
  • Stimulating new collagen and elastin production for a firmer, more contoured appearance
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite

The Lumenis Tripollar RF technology is a highly versatile system that your provider at Hanami Medspa customizes for your individual needs and desired aesthetic improvement. Treatments are pain-free and comfortable. Some people even compare it to a hot stone massage.


When can I expect to see results?

Typically, after a series of skin-tightening treatments you’ll notice visible results. It usually takes about six weekly sessions for maximum benefit. Each session takes just 25-60 minutes, depending on the areas you’re treating. After the initial set of skin-tightening sessions, to maintain your desired look you may want to schedule a single maintenance treatment up to four times a year.

Since your body continues to produce new collagen and elastin after your appointments, results develop gradually and last several months.


What areas can I treat with the Tripollar RF system?

Nonsurgical Tripollar RF treatments are safe for most areas of your face and body, including all the problem spots:

  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks

You can diminish wrinkles and tighten your skin effortlessly where you need it most, so you can enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Let Dr. Phuah and the team at Hanami Medspa customize a skin-tightening plan just for you. Call to schedule a consultation or use the online system.

We offer Hydrafacials. Call us to book your appointment today.

We offer Hydrafacials. Call us to book your appointment today.