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What is the Keravive?

The Keravive is a popular and effective in-office scalp treatment that can enhance your scalp health in just 30 minutes. Keravive involves painless suction that removes product build up from your scalp and hair follicle while simultaneously nourishing your scalp with medical-grade serums. Keravive saturates the surface of your scalp with beneficial peptides and antioxidants that unveil a detoxified and healthier-looking scalp.

The three steps of the Keravive are all designed to cleanse your scalp, remove impurities, excess oils, and bathe your new scalp with cleansing, hydrating, and protective peptide rich serums.

During a Keravive treatment, your provider uses a small device with Hydrafacial system’s hydropeel tips and polishing edges to exfoliate your scalp multiple times with each pass. At the same time, the device hydrates your scalp with specific serums and peptides. The Keravive super serums contain nourishing ingredients and peptides that enhance scalp health and promotes hair growth for optimal results.

Red light therapy is used at the end of Keravive as it has many benefits for the scalp. This final step can stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicle. Additionally, red light therapy can improve the overall health of the scalp by promoting collagen production, which can strengthen hair and improve its overall appearance.

Who is a good candidate for Keravive?

The Keravive scalp treatment can be successfully used on all scalp/hair types, including the most sensitive skin. Your provider can help you choose the right serums and tailor the treatment to suit your individual needs.

Prior to your Keravive, your provider might suggest a skin evaluation and sensitivity test.

What results can I expect after my Keravive?

After just one treatment, patients usually notice an improvement in the quality of their scalp.

The Hanami Medspa team recommends one treatment per month to reduce product build up, excess oil production, and minimize hair shedding. Continued Keravive can be an integral part of any beauty routine and help you maintain healthier scalp and hair.

What are the advantages of the Keravive?

Hanami Medspa provides Keravive due to the many advantages. Hydration is important for a healthy and radiant scalp. Keravive is a non-irritating, nourishing and a protective treatment; it has been repeatedly proven that a neglected scalp routine can worsen and accelerate the signs of scalp aging and overall scalp damage.

Some of the benefits of Keravive include:

  • Painlessness

  • No irritation

  • No downtime

  • Convenience

  • Speed (typically 30 minutes or less)

  • Effectiveness for all scalp and hair types

  • Noticeable and instant results

What is the cost of a Keravive?

Treatments start at $189 and can vary depending on boosters added. 

Discover how Keravive can benefit your scalp and hair and help you accomplish your aesthetic goals by calling Hanami Medspa or scheduling online today.