Burly Beard Detox

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Elaine Phuah, DO, MBA, FACOI

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Burly Beard Detox Q&A

What is a Beard Detox?

Maintaining a consistent beard detox regiment aids in preserving beard health, diminishing dandruff and patchiness. The Beard Detox will remove debris from your beard utilizing the HydraFacial Antioxidant Serum. This Antioxidant serum is in combination with our vortex fusion technology, this treatment can be done in as quickly as 30min! This treatment can also promote cell regeneration and incorporates ingredients effective against acne and blackheads. This beard detox will help stimulate the hair follicle, increase blood circulation, and cleanse the skin and hair from product build up/dead skin cells.

Ask your provider about adding Keravive to your service. Keravive is a peptide infused super serum that helps promote hair growth in the beard and scalp. Pairing this with the Beard Detox can help amplify hair growth results!


Who is a good candidate for a Beard Detox?

Anyone with a beard is a great candidate!

Especially if the underlying skin in your beard is red, itchy, and shedding dandruff or hair upon contact, that is a sign your beard is unhealthy and lacking a consistent beard regimen.


Advantages and Expectations for after your Beard Detox:

After your treatment your beard will be

  • Hydrated
  • Free of irritation
  • Free of dead skin cells
  • Free of build up from external pollutants and bacteria.
  • Protected from outside elements.
  • More tamed and fuller appearance
  • Healthier to support hair growth.


What is the cost of a Beard Detox?

Treatments start at $99 and can vary depending on add on services.